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When is a lead "hot?" When they're engaged with you. The best time to get them engaged is when they're actively looking for information on your website. Many industry studies have shown that 71% of becoming the top candidate/partner/choice is being first to engage your visitor. If you don't give them the answer they're looking for, someone else will. Live chat is the best way to begin a long-term dialog. People are so accustomed to not getting help that 25% of the live chats we get at Clarity begin with, "Are you a robot?" We usually respond with a cheerful “LOL” and engage in a great conversation, which most often turns into a great lead. When a prospect has many options for a product or vendor, sometimes becoming their company of choice is as simple as being the first one there when they want to buy. Let Clarity help youimprove your chances to become that company with live chat.


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